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Assistance After Convictions

A past crime does not have to ruin your future. Your criminal record is available to potential employers, landlords, government agencies, and lenders, among others, which can hinder your ability to find work or live your life.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can assist you in clearing your record or dismissing past convictions, legally making it appear as if you never committed a crime.

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I was convicted, how can I clear my record?

If you were charged with a crime, our Salinas attorneys can help get your life back on track. If you have successfully completed the terms of your sentence, your record may be eligible to sealed and your past criminal activity dismissed.

Lawyers at Lavorato & Scott can help seal or dismiss your criminal record if you:

  • Have completed probation or satisfied conditions of your sentence
  • Never received probation after a misdemeanor conviction
  • Completed jail time after a felony conviction
  • Completed a diversion program
  • Were convicted of marijuana possession

If you were never convicted after an arrest, our lawyers may also be able to help you clear your arrest record. We can represent you in front of a judge to assist you in proving your innocence beyond a reasonable doubt.

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Let our experience work for you. Our lawyers’ thorough understanding of the law can help dismiss your past mistakes. Previous faults in judgment don’t have to haunt you. Our firm understands the complexities of your past criminal history, and we strive to treat your case with the discretion and representation it deserves.

Our Salinas attorneys offer free case evaluations to help clear your criminal record. Call us today to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer at our firm.

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