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We at Lavorato & Scott know how overwhelming and daunting it can be to suddenly find yourself in need of legal guidance. This is why our team of well-versed Salinas lawyers has collected some of the most commonly asked questions asked by our clients. The answers have been included below for your benefit. Our extensive legal knowledge is at your disposal!

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What are contingency fees?
Contingency fees are when a lawyer will take your case on the basis that their legal fees will be taken from a fraction of your final compensation award. If no recovery is made on your behalf, you don’t have to worry about paying out-of-pocket legal fees. Our firm proudly accepts personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis.

What are the benefits of filing an injury claim?
Filing an injury claim can help you obtain the monetary compensation you need to pay for all the costs associated with your accident. These include your medical bills, physical therapy, income loss, and property damage. In addition, filing an injury claim can hold negligent individuals responsible for their actions, which may discourage them from behaving similarly in the future.

What can I do to avoid a DUI?
The first, most obvious, answer is to avoid drinking and driving altogether.
  • Ways that this can be done:
    • Plan ahead – if you are going out, get a designated driver or hire a form of transportation to get you home (Uber, Lyft, etc.).
  • If you are planning to drive after drinking, make sure that you do not drink a lot, keep food in your stomach and drink lots of water to keep your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at bay – this is crucial.
  • If it is one of your first times going out to drink and are planning to drive, take extra precautions - alcohol is new to your body and you may have a different reaction than you are planning or have experienced in the past.

Will my case have to go to court?
It is hard to predict how a case will develop. However, our legal team is not afraid to take a case to trial if we believe it will be beneficial to our client. We are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to get the results our clients deserve.

Why should I choose to be represented by your law firm?
You should entrust your case to our firm because together, we bring six decades of experience to the table. We have a reputation for being aggressive, thorough, and caring. We let nothing stand in our way when protecting the rights of our clients, inside or outside of court. For more reasons why you should consider aligning yourself with our reputable law firm, please click here.

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