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How to Get Full Custody of Your Child in CA

Child with parent - full custody in CA

In California, both biological parents have visitation rights to their children. After a divorce or separation, a parent may seek sole or joint custody from the courts based on a number of circumstances. It is the judge’s job to decide what is in the best interest of the child in question.

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Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

Because family situations can change, it is important to have a legal plan in action for the visitation of your children. While parents should agree on custody, complexities can arise from changing family dynamics. Having a plan that has been approved by a judge will help in future situations where custody issues may arise.

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California courts will evaluate custody cases based on the following criteria:

  • Health and welfare of the children
  • Benefits of contact with parents
  • Children’s preference
  • Stability of the home

You Have Options

A judge may decide on legal or physical custody for one or both parents. Legal custody refers to a parent’s authority in major decisions about a child’s life, while physical custody refers to which parent a child will live with. The California family court favors joint custody when both parents agree, but negotiations can occur both inside and out of court.

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