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When you and your spouse are getting a divorce, matters relating to your children are typically the ones that create the biggest problems. At Lavorato & Scott, we have extensive knowledge of the lawand are known for being incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and aggressive in our legal tactics. Our staff is very friendly and empathetic towards what you are going through and you can count on us to represent your children are protected them throughout every facet of the case.

In determining child support, the court will consider numerous factors:

  • The income of each spouse
  • The number of expenses involved
  • The age of the children
  • The obligations of each spouse

We know that going through a divorce is stressful, especially when children are involved. Regardless of your unique circumstances, our Salinas lawyers and legal team are here to help you get through it. When it comes to child support, we work hard to see that your children's best interests are protected. The court takes into consideration a variety of factors and goes to great lengths in order to ensure the very same thing for your child (or children). You can rely on us to provide you with compassionate and aggressive support and make the process less stressful and emotionally painful for you and your family.

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Our firm recognizes that your kids are likely your first priority in your divorce case. We are dedicated to using our knowledge and experience to your advantage. Our attorneys and the legal team here at Lavorato & Scott look forward to meeting with you for a complimentary consultation to discuss the details of your case.

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