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Do grandparents have rights in California?

The California family law courts always favor the best interests of a child. In cases where there have been custody issues between parents or if the child’s parents are emotionally or physically unavailable, a grandparent may petition the court for visitation rights to his or her grandchild or grandchildren.

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You Have Visitation Rights

If you have a strong bond with your grandchild or children and wish to seek visitation or custody rights, you may have a case. If you have been denied visitation in the past or if the child’s family situation has changed, it may be in your grandchild’s best interest to seek a stable home environment that you may be able to provide.

A grandparent can request visitation if:

  • The parents are living in separate houses, cities, or states
  • When one or both parents are deceased
  • The parent’s whereabouts are unknown
  • The child does not live with his or her parents
  • A stepparent has adopted the grandchild in question

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Though it is always in the best interest of the child to avoid time in court, in cases where issues cannot be resolved through mediation, attorneys from Lavorato & Scott are available to guide you through the legal process. We can help you fill out and file court paperwork, serve the documents on the parents, and represent your case in court.

Our lawyers offer compassionate and confidential legal advice as well as aggressive support in the courtroom when you need it most. Changing family structures can lead to delicate situations. Attorneys at our firm have the experience needed to see your case to its end, and always have the best interests of you and your grandchildren in mind.

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